The Calumet-Saganashkee Trail

In Chicagoland’s South Side there is a marathon trail at just over 26 miles that follows the Calumet-Sag channel connecting the Sag Quarries in Lemont to Freedom Park in Alsip, Illinois. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the Jagers set off on another adventure to explore a new trail with our bikes. We started our journey at the West Trailhead parking lot at 10850 Archer Ave, Lemont, IL heading east on the Cal-Sag trail. There was a little confusion at first when we followed our GPS to the parking lot at the Sag Quarries Learning Center but soon found our bearings at the trailhead.

The path is well-marked with navigation arrows and trail maps posted throughout the distance. We made some early pit stops for photo opportunities to remember this feature. It’s never a good feeling getting lost so it is refreshing to be able to pedal on and follow clearly marked signage.

We kept an easy, steady pace enjoying the ride on the pedestrian-only paved trail over the hills and through the forests. This was one of the most well-maintained bike paths that we have ever ridden!

There came a point in the trail where we left the wooded area and entered a suburban neighborhood. The perks of riding a bike trail in the city were immediately evident when we continued biking on our pathway alongside but separate from the vehicle traffic. This segment soon returned our peripheral view to nature surrounding us.

We cycled on until the path entered a residential neighborhood with clear signage to circle around Lake Katherine. There were beautiful botanical gardens that we took a short detour to admire before reconnecting with the Cal-Sag Trail.

At 13 miles we made a U-turn at Freedom Park to call it a day for a 26 mile round trip. We marked another bike route off the list with the intent to return together for another trip.

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