Learning to Bird as a Verb

Tall socks, tucked over jeans,
in the heart of the woods.
Eyes up, on the prowl,
for the source of rhythmic melodies.
What was that? A flash of orange,
darts from one branch to the next.
Are you a distant traveler or just a Robin on her nest?

Lift up each step,
so as not to spook him off.
Zoom in, focusing,
to frame the perfect shot.
Click Click—Click Click,
a new species documented.
Discovering these things with wings is a game of noticing.

Bird feeders swing the porch,
attracting the flight of all feathers.
Sparrows bicker, over fresh seed,
while the cat chatters.

Starling, Nuthatch,
Brown-headed Cowbird.
Grackle, Titmouse,
Red-bellied Woodpecker.
Oriole, Goldfinch,
Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
Identifying these peculiar names
is satisfaction in adding to our life list.





3 thoughts on “Learning to Bird as a Verb

    1. No. I take Sprout out separately so I can have my hands free with her. However, she does a lot of bird watching on her walks too.


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