To which do I owe loyalty?
The myths that color my existence
or the truth that brews my soul?
Lies take hold and taint all,
until one becomes the other.

Wake up, Wake up!
Another week gone.
Pinch the fat and cower with intention.
Put on a happy face and go about my way.
Clutter the heart in self-doubt,
lose my identity and play the part.
Aim to please and rot to the core.
Grasp for pieces of who I should be
confused with what I can become.

Do not entertain the evil that lurks beneath.
This rabbit hole is only self-pity
disguised as a challenge to climb out.
The darkness can be silenced
and time treated rightly with respect.
Recognize the realities among opposing forces,
roll up your sleeves, and make room for kindness.
Love thyself, and believe, that this story is a work in progress.

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