I’d rather be Outside

Here I stand,
senses alive to what surrounds me.
The cat and I pause-
to notice, to listen.
Time outside serves as daily medicine.

It is my escape in the woods and
my peace on the water’s horizon.
I tap into childlike nature
climbing boulders, studying stones,
and inhaling the breeze that sways through the trees.

My love shares the joy of adventuring.
Hiking, running, and exploring new places,
the outdoors invites us to develop memories.
We await birds to revisit our porch like old friends
and peek under the lid of our worm farm
to bait fish that we catch and release.

Wild and full of life,
we race raindrops on rollerblades
and crash the dirt like clumsy fools.
We are united in our happy place, outdoors.


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