Destination: Naples, Florida

As the luggage was packed and boarding passes printed out, one more Jager prepared to make the journey to Naples, Florida for the week. While Derek travels to Florida on a weekly basis for his business projects, the addition of a travel companion changed the routine into a small family vacation while Ashley was on Spring Break. We also had the pleasure of Uncle Dale and Aunt Ginny visiting us from Virginia over the weekend before setting off to Chicago. While they were in town, we enjoyed good food, conversation, and a hike on the trails at Bonneyville Mill County Park.


The Easter/April Fool’s Day traffic was almost nonexistent for our drive to O’Hare airport and we arrived with time to spare. Derek acted as the airport tour guide from his veteran travels and suggested we have lunch at Frontera Mexican Restaurant before boarding our afternoon flight. The Cubana sandwich with guacamole and tortilla chips is an excellent meal for a long journey! 20180401_113928

Upon arriving in Fort Myers, we checked into our hotel and changed into our dinner wear for date night at the USS Nemo in Naples.



As the door opened to Nemo’s restaurant, we entered into the bottom of a submarine with porthole windows.  Warm bread and hummus was served as we looked over the menu composed of local seafood. We ordered Won Taco’s with fresh tuna, scallions, tobiko, and Asian mayo for a refreshing bite as well as grilled Portuguese octopus with macadamia nut romesco sauce for appetizers.

The main entree, “Nemo’s Signature Dish,” completely melted on the tongue with Miso-Broiled Sea Bass, citrus-ginger butter sauce over mashed potato, asparagus, and carrot tempura. Derek ordered Nemo’s Signature Dish as well served with salmon. The dinner was fit for a king and queen and left us completely satisfied.




To top off the evening, we stopped at the beach and walked Naples Pier in the cool night before catching Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” at the movie theater later in the evening. Our first day in Naples was like a little dream in paradise that we shared together.



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