Our first month of marriage has been temporarily relocated to the Chicago suburbs while Derek is on-site for a business project. Since I have time off from the teaching calendar, I decided to join him in the travels instead of spending the month apart. It has been good to get away from everyday life to focus on blogging and advancing my skills before the school year starts up again. We’ve been back home on the weekends to check in with our cat Charlie, run at the Wawasee Flotilla and Runners on Parade races, visit the Elkhart Jazz Festival, and get a little fishing time in on the river.

While in Chicago, we have had the opportunity to try out new adventures that we don’t normally get to do. While board games are one of our favorite competitive activities, we also enjoy a good game of Putt-Putt and have played  at Congo River Golf (Schaumburg), Wilderness Falls (Bolingbrook), and Lost Mountain Adventure Golf (Woodridge, IL).

Some of these mini-golf courses are unreal with waterfalls, drawbridge crossings, uphill greens, and a series of maze-like holes. Wilderness Falls has two courses (one easy and the other advanced) that are used for mini-golf competitions. We took the game seriously and played some of these courses twice in a row. It was all in good fun.

Experimenting with restaurants including this delicacy,”Aranchi,” an Italian fried ball of rice.

Every night is date night when we don’t have access to a kitchen:DSC09532


We also visited a mega arcade called Dave & Busters with classic games like Skee Ball, Pac Man, Air Hockey, and Basketball hoops as well as fully animated video games with sensory effects and multiple levels. We felt like kids again and had a blast.


The post-work routine involves finding a running location for our workouts. We’ve been awed by the amount of trails available in the Chicago-area. Some of our favorites are described in our latest training run blog postTrail Running: Chicago-Style.

Our favorite experience so far was going to a Chicago White-Sox baseball game just before July 4th verses the Toronto Blue Jays. It was Derek’s first time to a Major League Ballpark.

Besides watching the game, events witnessed included seeing a coach get thrown out of the game, a streaker sprinting the field mid-play, a fan getting hit by a foul ball (would definitely like to see more netting on the stands), a homerun by Melky Cabrera, post game fireworks, and a win by the White Sox! The traffic really wasn’t too bad driving to and from the stadium but it could be that I’m just getting used to driving it in every day. We don’t typically follow baseball but the experience of watching a live game was pretty exciting.

That’s all for now from the Jagers! Just a few weeks left of summer and the business trip in Chicago.










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  1. Family Aquatic Center
    Paletine Rd.
    Paletine, IL
    Nice “small” water park, water falls, 2 slides . Family used to go there during Chicago Dance Conventions

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