Red Regiment Race Review

The Red Regiment 5K Run and Fun Walk event is a great local race that raises money for the Red Regiment High School Marching Band at NorthWood High School in Nappanee, Indiana.

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The pricing of the event was fairly priced around $20 for early entry and $25 for on-day race signup. The only way to register was by mail-in race entry form or registering on the day of the race with no t-shirt guarantee.

Packet Pickup Experience:
The packet-pickup location was at the high school track of NorthWood High School. The volunteer staff was very prepared and it took less than 5 minutes to pickup the packet and be on your merry way.

The race is not chip-timed but based on the number of entries for the race so you receive a bib number (no chip), race day swag that features the sponsors and the marching band schedule, and the cotton t-shirt if you ordered one.

Overall Race Feel
The best part of the racing atmosphere is the energetic marching band members at the race. This race is 100% geared towards raising money for the band. It does not overdo on the extraneous items many races partake in such as DJ, photographers, tech t-shirts, and extra swag gifts. This race solely features the marching band students and parents who help volunteer to have a successful racing experience. When the marching band starts their first note, the race begins and the band continues playing throughout the entire race cheering on runners to the very last walker who enters the track to the finish line. If you have never experienced athletically participating in high school on the track and field with a marching band performance, you should sign up just for that experience alone. It is thrilling to have a fight or stadium song performing when you circle the track with a cheering student section.

Start of the Race:
The race started slightly behind schedule but not a significant delay which is very important for experienced runners who are warming up to run at the designated start time. I love a race that has an introductory speech in the beginning that explains the CAUSE, which in this case was the marching band. The race is a physical activity for runners but it also has a deeper overall meaning to provide support and funds for a wonderful cause.

The race was very small with roughly 50 total runners and walkers.

The course begins and ends on the high school track & field. The runner/walker runs .2 mile on the track and heads out across the street to a subdivision for half a mile. You exit the subdivision and enter a bike path which will take you all the way to a turn-around point near the golf course. The course is very flat with no hills or elevation and not many turns. This course can be tight on the bike path to pass with runners returning back with walkers on the path but the race director expressed heavily to stay on the right for the runners returning back from the turn-around point. The race is exactly 3.1 miles which is very nice.

Aid Stations/Crowd Support/ Mark Course
One water spot on the 5K race and crowd support was not very large but the ending at the finish line is absolutely great with the marching band playing for YOU. The course was not marked with mile markers but had course arrows. Absolutely NO WAY to get lost on this course. The race director had volunteers at every possible area where someone could make a wrong turn. I felt totally safe at every cross walk that were well-guarded by volunteers to manage the car traffic. I just kept running with no hesitation because it was clearly being watched by volunteers at any possible intersection.

Awards/ Post Race Food
The awards were a medal for the top 1 age group finishers and race certificate based on 10 year groupings. Overall winners (Top 2 for male and female) in the 5k received a medal, certificate, and gift certificates to a local store.

The food was bananas and bottled water.

Overall Experience / Recommendation

If you are looking for a local race that you want to feel like Rocky coming in for finishing time then signup for this race. If you love marching bands then you would love this race! If you are looking for a race in the early spring with no hills and perfect for a 5K goal this is a race to go all out on!

Kind Suggestions:
-Put on the advertisement the unique awarding system of prizes for the overall winner and 1st pace age-group finishers.
-Add mile markers on the course.
-Make sure that traffic control volunteers keep cars stopped for runners. A volunteer told a runner to stop for a passing vehicle during the race.

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